How to tackle Maskne
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Yes, ‘Maskne’ is a thing

Acne caused from face masks is certainly a thing, adding to many new

Various articles have been published recently, as more and more mask wearers have developed acne breakouts, including this one here from Lloyds Pharmacy.

We thought it would be helpful to offer a summarised version.

  • Acne is caused by bacteria getting into your pores.
  • Pores open when the skin is hot/surrounded by warm moisture.
  • Different types of Masks, create more moisture than others.
  • Different types of Masks, hold dirty bacteria, longer than others.

It is in our opinion, absolutely paramount that disposable, iiR Surgical masks are used as the ultimate prevention of spreading Covid-19, but also to give the user the safest and most convenient experience (as possible). Disposable masks should be thrown away after 1 hour of continuous use. This does generally mean most people can get away with using one for the day, in and out of shops, or possibly 2 days at a push but we would still recommend disposing of a mask after 1x wear to provide the ultimate safety measure, in order to prevent surfaces that the mask touches from holding any viral droplets.

The fabric is designed to block droplets in both directions but, provide a breathable environment for extended use where necessary.

A disposable mask used correctly will not create acne. They are more hygienic, and this is ultimately the goal behind wearing masks during 2020… ‘Hygiene’.

You won’t see a health worker suffering from Maskne!

Disposable masks are low cost, offer better protection and do not create as much warm moisture, or hold as much potential harmful bacteria as a washable mask, however, if for any reason you still use a washable fabric mask, you must wash it every single day after use, and refrain from placing the mask down on any public/common area surfaces where it could spread Covid-19 or other bacteria. To help tackle a build-up of acne, try to wash your face after each fabric mask wear, with warm soapy water using your own face towel for drying.

Team Medsurg.

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