Washable masks vs Medical Masks
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Some masks are pretty. Covid-19 is not…

Fabric mask vs medical mask

Not everyone knows a covid-19 victim, and not everyone knows someone that’s had it, but let us tell you from the real front-line, it’s not pretty.

The internet is full of conspiracies in the modern world, from what caused Covid-19, to whether our minds are being controlled by a secret global government task-force by channelling 5G through our medical masks…

Whatever conspiracy you choose to subscribe to, our job as medical experts is to keep people safe, and that means supplying quality PPE which does not bring any person under potential harm. Take note, you will not find a fabric re-usable mask online at medsurguk.co.uk, and that isn’t because we can’t make money from them.

Washable face masks are pretty, but Covid-19 is not.

Unfortunately, there is a growing trend of washable/re-usable face masks being sold and to some extent, the government even supported this trend much to our surprise. On one hand, we can see why; because they feared an on-going shortage of quality medical grade masks for the NHS, and did not want the public buying up all of the stock before the NHS can get their much-needed quota.

On the other hand, with so many people walking the streets with inadquate masks, in our eyes and many other medical experts, it is even MORE dangerous than not having a mask at all! No matter what anyone claims, a fabric face mask does not have the sufficient filtration to block bacteria and viral droplets, so giving people the confidence to go out when they are far from protected is completely the wrong thing to do. It’s very concerning.

They may look pretty, but we can assure those of you who have not had a loved one, friend or someone close by to you suffer with Covid-19, it’s really not something you’d wish to contract especially if you have underlying health issues already. You may be lucky with a healthy immune system but, we all have a duty to protect others that are around us too.

The above image was found online, used by TripZilla amongst their travel/protection advice. We completely agree with the effectiveness chart and feel it’s important that people understand what masks are available.

The question should be simple.

  • Would you buy a car that doesn’t drive?
  • Would you buy a raincoat that isn’t water proof?
  • Would you buy a phone that cannot make calls?
  • Would you buy a face mask to protect you from viruses that don’t protect against viruses?

It sounds slightly condescending to layout such an obvious list of comparative questions but, it really is that simple, and painfully straight forward.

If you’re buying a mask to protect yourself and from Covid-19 from spreading us into a 2nd lockdown, we recommend you choose the correct one.

There should be 2 choices:-

  1. N95 (USA)/KN95(China) (FFP2 Europe) – This is sufficient, for up to 8 hours of continued use and offers a 95% filtration against viral droplets. It should then be thrown in the bin safely to avoid cross contamination.
  2. iiR Surgical Disposable Mask (FFP2) – This is sufficient for short wears of up to 1-2 hours max before it should be thrown safely into the bin to avoid cross contamination. They offer the same 95% filtration and fluid protection layer against viral droplets, but cheaper than the KN95.
  3. FFP3 Mask – this is similar to the KN95 but the very best, offering a 99% filtration against viral droplets. There is no need for the public to use these masks and for that reason, we are only selling to our medical practitioner clients. These masks are in demand, and must be reserved for front line medical workers.
  4. FFP2 II Disposable Mask – this is no longer recommended in today’s arena of protection against viral droplets, as whilst it is considered medical grade, it is not sufficient for the pure purposes of filtering against fluid/viral droplets.
  5. FFP1 Disposable Mask – This is most likely what you will find online, throughout eBay, Amazon, local petrol stations, Pound shops and alike. They are not medical grade and do not offer any protection against viral or bacteria. They are what used to be used for industries such as spray tanning.
  6. Washable/Home Made/Fabirc Masks – Forget it. (see above).

If you have concerns, or questions you’d like us to answer please get in touch. We personally help those who have specific questions whether you’re an individual or company looking for the best suited PPE for your business.

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** Image shown is not produced by us, and is used purely for the comparatives made to Viral protection stats on fabric re-usable vs Medical Masks. Other filtration results may vary**

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