Bulk Discounts on Masks and Sanitiser
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Bulk Discounts Available

Buying in bulk? We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re buying a pack of masks for the family, or a bottle of sanitiser for your desk, our prices are competitive for the highest medical grade products to help protect against viral bacterial and droplets from spreading #covid-19, but to save anyone from needing to email us about wholesale/bulk discounts, we’ve added it to our site!

Our prices are good, but when savings can be created by for example, sending out one case of Frontline Sanitiser instead of a bottle, or sending a master carton of Hand wipes, a case of Face Shields or even an entire pallet of KN95’s, we want to pass on that saving to you!

You can of course still email us to arrange an invoice for business bank transfers (for those wholesale/corporate customers) but it doesn’t mean to say we have some bulk buyers amongst you elsewhere, and it’s you guys we want to help save as much as possible.

Most of our products now have a bulk buy price guide against them but if not, feel free to get in touch to ask the question. We may also have items that are in demand by the medical industry which we will not yet place online for the public. If you need other items such as Nitrile Gloves or Industrial surface wipes in tubs of 400, get in touch.

Meanwhile, check out some of the items here in our shop!


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