​We now offer a full range of all clinical consumables used in GP surgeries, private healthcare providers and NHS hospitals, all at very competitive prices. Please call or email a request for our full price-list, medsurguk@gmail.com or call on 01732 382698.

Clinical consumable listings below:

  • Kai curettes and Biopsy punches
  • Full drape range to suit any type of surgery
  • Wound dressings and Bandages, tagaderm, mepore, softpore, jelonet, hypafix, etc
  • Needles, cannula and IV products
  • Sterile and Non sterile gloves, Biogel, Nitrile, Ansell, Protex
  • Syringes all sizes, BD or Terumo
  • Gowns, drapes and dressing packs
  • Aprons, couch rolls
  • Sutures, Monocryl, Vicryl, Ethilon, PDS, Mersilk, Prolene, etc
  • Skin closure and skin glues
  • Swabs, gauze and packs
  • Diathermy, Bipolar and monopolar
  • Single instruments
  • Clothing, nurse caps, masks, slippers
  • Cleaning and disinfectants
  • Poly and pulp ware, bowls, galipots, kidney dishes, etc
  • Sharp bins
  • Catheters
  • DVT prevention garments
  • Inco pads and Tena bed plus
  • Diagnostic and accessories, ACCU CHEK, ECG electrodes
  • Patient sheets
  • Specimen pots and containers
  • MediKills Disinfectant Surface Wipes
  • Visors
  • Nitrile Gloves

Suture range below and many more we offer, if you do not see a suture below, please contact us and just quote the suture code and description you wish to purchase.

6/0 Ethilon
5/0 Ethilon
4/0 Ethilon
3/0 Ethilon

4/0 Vicryl
3/0 Vicryl
2/0 Vicryl

RAPIDE range 
2/0 Vicryl rapide
3/0 Vicryl rapide
4/0 Vicryl rapide
5/0 Vicryl rapide